Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kitchen Tip:Get a Handle on Your Pots!

Do your pots and pans have a screw in the handle that secures them to the pot?
If so, it's a good idea to keep check on that little screw from time to time. 
They can gradually wiggle out over time and set you up for a really yucky accident!

How so?
Well, if they wiggle out enough they could come completely off, but not only that... they could come loose enough to weaken the strength of the handle and cause the plastic part of the handle to snap!
That could be a disaster if its full of something hot!

A little checking could prevent scalded feet and a big mess!


Stacy said...

I never thought of that! THANK YOU! I make enough messes in the kitchen. I don't need additional help. LOL :-)


Donna said...

Yes, I make enough messes too!
I knew to tighten the screws, but I never would have thought they could break on me....until yesterday- gulp!