Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Out with the old and In with the new...

 Welcome to Kitchen Tip Tuesdays!
I have a shopping/food storage/pantry building tip this week:

This month will be "clearing the shelves" month for lots of stores.
It's almost time for all the seasonal baking supplies to be brought out so be looking for sales on items such as; canned pumpkin, evaporated milk, spices, flours etc.

(I'm personally holding my breath hoping the price of nuts will come down soon. They're $9 a pound here!-With the exception of almonds.)

Then again in November, close to Thanksgiving, you will see them drop again. Happy frugal shopping!


Arden said...

I would love to see canned pumpkin on sale. I guess the past couple of years have been too wet.
I am also watching the price of peanut butter soar. It never went on sale this year like it usually does. Coffee is stable although I heard demand from China is expected to drive up the price.

Donna said...

My vines have died for the past several years. This year they didn't even come up.

But I saw it on sale at Food Lion on their clearance the other day for .75 for the name brand.

I found that buying cheap pumpkins and cooking and freezing was pretty frugal last year.

I bought several jars of PB the last shopping round because it was on sale for 3/$5. That's the cheapest I've seen it this year too. (And I could get 'natural' at this price too.) It usually is sale priced around this time because of school I suppose.

I sure hope they don't raise the price of coffee! Gasp! ;-)
Perhaps I should store some in the freezer just in case!