Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bread Baking Tip-

While baking half a dozen batches of Tammy's Kaiser Rolls in the past couple of weeks, I thought this would be a good tip to share. 
Have you ever pulled your bread out and though- "Ugh! The flour on top!!"?
Well, here's a quick fix for that.
Do you have one of these?
Yes, it's a pastry brush. There are three things you can do with it to help with the flour problem.(I do recommend this kind, the flour will kinda stick to it and the bristles won't fall out!)
1- finish baking and use the brush to dust most of it off (Artisan Bread)
2- in the last five minutes or so of baking, dip the brush in water and brush over the bread(hard rolls, buns,etc)
3- dip in butter and brush you bread (good for loaves and some dinner rolls)

A little flour is not a real bother, but a lot leaves your upper lip wondering if its about to be deep-fried! ;-)

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