Friday, November 18, 2011

Another New Page-

I've got LOTS more I want to share, but I had enough to be useful, so I went ahead and published the new FrugallyFreeHomeSchool page at the top. I pray you'll find lots of helpful resources on the links to free home school materials.


Joy said...

This page is awesome, it has really great links and is so helpful. Thank you for going through all the trouble to post these for us! I use Simply Charlotte Mason, and Ambleside online and LOVE them. I also like Old Fashioned Education thank you for everything. It is a blessing to my home!

Donna said...

You're so welcome!
It will help me too- getting them all in one place!

I hope to add lots more to it after T-giving. I have so many more and they're so scattered; this was a good place to put all of them together ;-)