Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kitchen Tip: Leftover Mashed Potatoes

mashed potatoes
Don't you hate to throw them away?
You peel, you dice, you boil, you mash, and finally serve- and toss out the leftovers?!?!?
It's very difficult for me to throw out something that really is work....and money.
So- how else can you use the goopy spuds?

-top soups with a scoop (if you have the correct dishes, you could top with cheese and broil)
-freeze in ice cream scoop portions for later use
-mix them in soups as a thickener
-use them in 'potato bread'
-make mashed potato soup
-freeze them in a buttered casserole dish, dotted with butter, bake later
-top casseroles (they're not just for Shepherd's Pie!)
-baby food?
-potato dumplings
-sliced sandwich meat, cheese, spread mashed potatoes, grill :-)
-salmon croquettes 
-reheated with gravy
-dog food? ;-)

Anyone have more ideas????


Anonymous said...

I'm hungry right now and your picture looks sooo good!! Thanks for sharing all the tips, Donna. :) If I made mashed potatoes more often, we might actually have leftovers some time instead of everyone eating way too much!! :D

Donna said...

I didn't make them as much when my kiddies were little like yours but my dh thinks that they should be served at about every meal ;-)
Thank you Tammy- blessings to you and your family!

Joy said...

I have often many times used them for refrigerator bread. Its VERY good and I got the recipe from The Tightwad Gazette. Its so simple to do and you keep the dough in your fridge to use in a weeks time. Its a very tasty bread recipe and you can use the dough for all sorts of things! :)
We also to tater cakes here! YUM

Donna said...

Mmm sounds yummy to me!
I'll have to look around for that.