Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Planning a Frugal Thanksgiving..

 I love to fix up a bunch of food at Thanksgiving (and Christmas). I fix enough at Thanksgiving to last for lunch and supper for about 4 days. This way, all we have to do is heat up the food and PLAY!

One of the things I try to do this time of year is locate one of our favorite stories:

We learned about that book when we did Five in a Row years ago.

We also like to read about the Pilgrims, the Mayflower , and The First Thanksgiving.

This link has printable activities for kids during the week of Thanksgiving or while you're trying to cook on the big day. (I need to kick that one back to the top!)

Here's a cute activity that my kids have done through the years while I'm cooking the dinner.

And here's a little of how and what I cook and what we did in 2008 to celebrate Thanksgiving, and kids' table setting here.

I have a about half of this ready and all set...the other half I still have to get together! :-)

What are your frugal Thanksgiving plans?


Arden said...

Dh works that morning til 2 or so. I will do the turkey and all the sides and have them ready to heat up. I think I still have a turkey or two from last year....wonder if it's still good.

Donna said...

I will cook about half to 3/4 of the food the evening and night before; the bird, bread, and stove top items that day.

Bet your bird would be fine! If there's any frost areas, you can trim them off before cooking and still have a good bird. ..(I've done this before buying cheap birds, off season, with bad wrappers :-)

Arden said...

I think so too. I had given up on turkey thinking it wasn't an economical choice. I was kind of wondering why Brandy loves them so much and she told me I need to buy the biggest bird I can find.
I am glad I still have 2. I am not seeing any bargains in Ohio so far.

Donna said...

Yes, Brandy knows her stuff about turkeys. I have a small funny post called "The Frugal Turkey".


They are the cheapest meat per pound and you can boil the bones for broth. The broth and meat can be used as chicken would be.

I hope you get some bargains soon!

Our Food Lion just put one up @ .69 lb if you spend $35, limit 2. Our Walmart was down to .74 last week but will comp and probably are lower this week, since Food Lion went down.