Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Do you wanna go outside?"

"I dunno, do you?"


Joy said...

Oh my goodness they are just PRECIOUS!! So pretty! My kids and dh are oohing and ahhing over their cuteness!! Too sweet!!

Donna said...

They are something!
-specially lil Abby!

Penny is the top, Abby is the bottom pic btw :-)

.........and wait til you see their next photo shoot!

Arden said...

I love those faces! We got my parents (somewhat housebound)a little yorkie and he is just the sweetest thing.
I have pug mixes so those snouts look super long to me. lol

Donna said...

Oh I bet they do! My kids think those pugs are cute!

One of the yorkies is a short-nose and she is so so precious! We couldn't ask for a more perfect dog.(We call her our eternal puppy.) She also has beautiful hair, thick and soft. She's short and chunky too. ..She loves new toys about like a toddler would! Plays with them for hours and hours.

The other yorkie is - well- she's a bit of a nut! She jumps and flies around here like she's half cat, she cries over my husband if he shuts her out of a room too long or doesn't tote her to the mailbox, she gets hysterical when the kids get up in the morning like it's Christmas (every day!), and she's afraid of everything! And she's skinny as a rail and has thin, coarse hair.

It's funny how different they are...but beautiful and wonderful, what they do for the kids! They love them to bits! I bet your parents feel the same as my kids do!