Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Freezer Cooking- on a busy day

In spite of a busy day, and hours outside in the gardens and yard, I still managed to let the stove work for me while busy on other projects.
The giant pot in the back houses about 2 gallons of chicken broth that I will store in the soon as it cools down and I can strain off the bones. (Bones were from yesterday's chickens that I boiled and shredded for the freezer.)
The plastic containers will go in the freezer, the glass ones in the fridge, and (believe it or not:) I froze over half a gallon of broth in a milk jug to use for soup. When I need broth, I can turn the plastic containers upside down and hold them under running water. The broth will slide and into the pot to be melted quickly! If I'm not in a big rush, I sit them in the sink in water for an hour.
 The front pot on the left houses about a gallon of pinto beans.
We'll have some for supper and the rest I will season and freeze for later.

Now- here's what I did for the freezer with some of yesterday's chicken:
Chicken and Cheddar Pockets
Yes, more pockets!
These are just SO easy and convenient and they heat up SO fast; I know they'll be a blessing to have in the freezer later!
I tripled Crystal's recipe and made several dozen of them for the freezer. This one is my family's favorite so far. They love to dip these in Brown Mustard.

Before bed, I am hoping to make a batch of Breakfast Tacos to wrap for the freezer too.


Domestic Sweetheart said...

Love your blog! Thnx for sharing :)

P.S. I'm hosting a giveaway and that you would be interested :)

Donna said...

Thank you so much for the invite!
I <3 giveaways!

Five4FiveMeals said...

My broth never has any flavor and isn't that gorgoeus gold color. Any advice?


Donna said...


You want to use an 'acid' in your broth while boiling. I use raw or plain vinegar, about 1/4 of a cup.

Also, you want to simmer the bones at least 12 hours, but the closer you get to 24, the richer the broth. You can break this up into two days or overnight in the crockpot even.

(I also keep a bag in the freezer for the ends and skins of onions, tops of celery, wilting parsley, etc. I toss them in as well. Thanks 2 Millie 4 that tip.)

Time plus the acid should give you great results! :)

Amanda said...

Wow, your broth is beautiful. I'd never heard the tip about the acid. I usually just go ahead and make a soup with mine while I have the pot going so mine never gets to cook that long or get frozen, but thats a great idea!

Shelly said...

I really like making homemade broth too. It is so much better than the store bought. I knew about adding the acid but I have forgotten to add it the last few times I have made broth. Next time I am getting ready to make broth i will set the vinegar on the counter. Thanks for the reminder. Looks like you have been really busy with your freezer cooking.

Donna said...

Thank you Amanda!
The acid and long simmering also releases more minerals (calcium,etc) and that's the reason you get that nice, rich, milky look. This broth here was almost white :)

One of my kids likes to drink it warmed, with a little salt :)

Donna said...

You're right, it is better- more tasty, more healthy...and SO much more frugal! :-)

Joy said...

Your broth is beautiful.. I've had a huge roaster full for 2 days just put it in fridge to cool overnight and strain tomorrow. I just hope I can, I had an accident jogging today and hurt my knee pretty bad and my left hand and shoulder. I'm going to put beef broth in there next..I love broth, I used chicken backs and necks this time and I hoping for a good milky broth will see tomorrow!

Donna said...

Thank you Joy!
Mmm, backs and necks!

Beef is really my fave!

Oh no!
You poor thing! That's not what you need right now- well, anytime! I hope you're okay! ...Gonna write you in just a bit and find out more ;-)