Friday, October 5, 2012

Frugal Photo Friday: Our Frugal Blessings

Frugal Photo Friday wouldn't be complete without a boy and his dog. He's giving her free Latin lessons! :)
She barks: Civis Romanus sum!
(Of course you are Abby.) 
We scored these headbands FREE this week at Kohl's! We had a $10 off $10 and the bands were $12, regularly. When I got to the check out she told me the bands were on sale. The total came to $8.40, so they were completely free. I was surprised that I didn't even have to pay taxes! Woo hoo!
Let's move along to the 'bath' section of FPF! This is a a shower curtain and towels that I made sometime back. The liner cost me about $5. I found the fabric on sale for $1 a yard that the curtain is made from. The decorative strips of fabric were in a discount bin for pennies, I just had to piece them together. The towels weren't quite so cheap, but they were cheaper than buying a pre-made.
The kids made sandwiches with my homemade bread for lunch one day this week and toasted it for jelly as a snack, one evening.
The Lord's blessings in reading material this week. Most of this was gifts or found in free bins. I think I have $3.50 total invested in this lot.
Oh and - the Acts and Facts magazines are free upon request from the Institute for Creation Research. I think they are great reading for science! :)

I spent one day last weekend refilling my homemade laundry soap jars. (I use Brandy's recipe with the exception of Fels Naptha, instead of Oil of Olay.)
And finally, we enjoyed recess and vitamin D in our own back yard!


Rebekah from Simply Rebekah said...

Great ideas! I especially love the free headbands. I haven't started using those on my 3yo yet, but I think she would like them. Now I just need to get a hold of one of those coupons!

I look forward to seeing what you share next week!

Donna said...

Thank you- I'm looking forward to see what the Lord does for us next week too :)......but as far as myself, I don't know if I can outdo those headbands- that was a very sweet deal! :)

Go to their site and get on their mailing list and/or go into the store too and ask. (Often they are at the door.)

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