Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Are Your Ready for Winter?

We're not- but we're getting really close!

I tried to get as much seed and plants growing as possible that would grow through cool weather and winter. I have hopes of fresh veggies in the snow!
And so do my chicks!
Yes this is dried corn on the banister for some of these critters in my yard and you'll notice the raised beds are covered and house some very lovely carrots, onions, and lettuces. One has spinach and leeks coming up.

The wood is part of the 'unfinished project' for winter. The hay is for our newest 'babies'. 
Anyone wanna guess what we've drug home now?
(The couple who saw us last night- you can't guess- cuz you already know- so shhhhhh!)
"Shadows" (our appliances have names for those of you who may have forgot) houses lots of frozen veggies and even some fruits from our gardens; some were gleaned from other places.

I forgot to take a pic of my honey for winter. I did some 'bartering' for local honey and have set aside some for 'medicinal purposes only' since germies are sure to be on the way.
I also need to order some elderberries for our best medicine for colds.
I will likely be using the last of our berries this week...whether from germs or the cold, some aren't feeling so good today....but that syrup is a fantastic cure-all!
Mason jars are tucked everywhere I have extra space. They are filled with everything from relish to pickles to green beans to apple pie filling- oh and in front here are beets!
Ah and my beloved wheat!
I was able to get a couple of bags of grains for winter several weeks ago.
Some of you know what a treasure that is for me!
God is good!

We've also settled into cuddling on the couch at night and reading this great book!

2 Chr 32:27-29 And Hezekiah had exceeding much riches and honour: and he made himself treasuries for silver, and for gold, and for precious stones, and for spices, and for shields, and for all manner of pleasant jewels;  Storehouses also for the increase of corn, and wine, and oil; and stalls for all manner of beasts, and cotes for flocks. Moreover he provided him cities, and possessions of flocks and herds in abundance: for God had given him substance very much.

 Who else is prepped for winter? How so?


Joy said...

We too are pretty well prepared for winter! I just now finished my last batch of apple butter. I canned apple butter, applesauce, and beef chunks today. Tomorrow its canning pumpkin and raking up more leaves to put on our garden and cover our new strawberries! We have been cutting lots of wood, and have more to go. I'm ready for a slower season. I've canned so much this year, I will be happy for other things to do. I've still got some dried beans to can, and Lord willing if the boys bag some deer I will be canning that, it otherwise I'm ready to put up the jars, and pressure cooker till next summer!
I need to order some more spelt, and elderberries and a few other herbs . I'm also ready to order and stock up on some more pantry items. (Waiting for sales)
I can't believe how fast time has went!
Miss you all much

Donna said...

Sounds like you are ready! You'll have to tell me more about canning that meat and what you're doing :)
Great work!

McKinsey said...

This year is the least prepared for winter I have been. Our garden did not do anything this year and after being so discouraged with that, I just gave up canning our bulk food this year. I did manage to get some spaghetti sauce, applesauce, apple butter and some jelly up this year. I have a lot of green beans left over from last year so I'm good there. We have been blessed with a deer from a friend and a wild hog so have a nice bit of meat in the freezer. I also have 2 gallons of blackberry juice and some peach juice froze to make jelly in a few weeks. God always provides, even when you have a bad growing season! I need to stock up on some wheat and other pantry items too.

Donna said...

If this is the least prepared you've been....you've done pretty good methinks! Great job!