Frugally Free Home School

I tried to list mostly things that I've used before, however there are a few that were new to me. 
You may not find everything you need here, but I hope to give you a good place to start when you can't afford much, if any,  home school supplies. This page is free or mostly free sites, pages, printables, and more.

Full Curriculum Plans,etc:
*Old-Fashioned Education *
My favorite "Go-To" when new material isn't affordable. I ALWAYS find treasures here!You can browse by categories or click the "Full Curriculum" link on the left and then on the grade level. She has links to mostly free resources for every subject per grade. (This site has been my right-hand plan when my children got through the books on the RC. I've used it over and over for years now.)

 Ambleside Online 
This is a good resource with lots of free links but it has more links to purchasable materials than the above. Their reading lists are very good and will link you to many free things. Click on Ambleside Online Curriculum, grade level, and then book list.

This site is fully loaded with links by (ALL)subjects. I've used it many times and will be linking many resources that I've found through this site under various subjects.

When I learned about this site years ago, I thought I had found a gold mine! All types of literature are available there, free! There are also some different formats available. The great thing about this site is that you can find all subjects there, not just literature. Every classic book that I've ever looked up was there- free for the printing. (Many of the RC books are there as well, or books by the writers on the RC. For ex: Arthur Scott Bailey, Charles Dickens, G.A. Henty, ...also more of the series for The Rover Boys, Tom Swift, The Bobbsey Twins, etc)  I will be linking multiple resources from there.

Simply Charlotte Mason-
Her free guide can be found here. Her Early Years Guide is here. Several free ebooks on home schooling (and more) can be found on the side bar of the web site. She has a good list of handicrafts and life skills here. There's also an excellent list for copywork. Her method and philosophy are highly favored among home schoolers.

Videos and more on every subject. Algebra, Biology, Banking, Computer Science, Healthcare and Medicine, Physics, Pre-Cal, SAT Prep, and so much more.

HomeSchoolPlanner- free printable

Garden of Praise-there's lots here, particularly Bible Lessons, very good for elementary years, perhaps a full curriculum could be prepared from here

DIY Toner Kits Refills- best prices I can find!

 Phonics and Early Reading, Spelling, Writing, Vocabulary
New England Primer- love this!
Free Phonics Lessons- charts, printables (this seems complete)
Progressive Phonics- printable books and more, cute
The Puritan Grammar Primer- this has some good phonics, memory work
Letter of the Week- pre-K curriculum, poems, suggested books, etc
Zaner-Bloser- printable spelling lessons, very nice, could be printed and tucked in 3-prong like a workbook
Handwriting- the alphabet
Handwriting Worksheet Maker- print, D'Nealian, cursive
KidZone- tracing pages, handwriting and I really like their Pre-Printing Practice pages
TEFLnet- make your own match-up worksheets, type in word and definition and it does the rest
Sylvan's Book Adventure- read, quiz, earn points for free stuff! (my kids have done this and loved it)
Stairway to Reading-complete phonics/help your child become a better reader- printables, online activities
Home Spelling Words- free, click on the sidebar for your grade etc
Garden of Praise- LOVE these!- Bible-based spelling lessons

Science, Health, and more:
Virtual Field Trips list along with many other resources
How to Extract DNA from a Banana 
Chambers's Elementary  Science Readers Book 1 with Object Lessons (similar to McGuffey's, early grades)
General Science by Bertha M. Clark (about 6th grade and up)
General Science -in Power Point
Science in the Kitchen by Mrs. E.E. KelloggCommon Science by Carleton W. Washburne (has experiments, about 6th and up)
Astronomy Lessons- 2 courses; 7-11, 12-18
Online Frog Dissection- pics and video
Eye Dissection- interactive
This site has links to free videos to go along with Apologia Physical Science, nice work
eLearningingLinks- various science links here
Health Science- printable lesson plans and more here
NIH- a few neat things here like "How Your Brain Understands What Your Ear Hears"(click web version)
Reeko'sMadScientistLab- ideas for experiments
ScienceToyMaker- 2 dozen or more projects
Science With Me- lots of fun stuff here, all ages, love the Learn About Section on right tool bar
How Stuff Works- all sorts of wild and wacky stuff here
cK-12- free 'flex books' here on more subjects than science, text and teacher,answer keys, multiple formats (I'm liking the Astronomy course)
Solar System Scope- 3D-love this!
WikiPremed MCAT Course- a little overwhelming at first, but everything is there, high school
Vega/UK- several short instructional science videos
On-line Biology Book (great for RC users since it doesn't have one)
Biology Success in 20 Minutes a Day- printable book

Physics 2000-  a little tricky, but has some really great stuff, interactive (xray a hand by moving a box)
The Physics Classroom-  I haven't dug very far here, but I've read it's a good supplement.
ChemTutor- for the advanced student
Chemistry Comes Alive- videos in QuickTime 

Glimpse of Sonshine's Amazing list of links to freebies
Pre-Algebra- printable, one page at a time, has answers
MathDrills- a little complicated, click on white links at top, lots of printables
MathFactCafe- build your own worksheets
Math-U-See- online drills and worksheet generator
The Math Worksheet Site- addition, subtraction, multiplication, telling time, graphing, more
XPMath- interactive math online, all levels, great for drills
BBCBitesize- fun math games, interactive, worksheets, we use this in the summer.. My kids love the BBC edu sites!
Sheppard Software- online 'games' for early math to pre-algebra
NumberNut- more 'games' for math of all ages  
Math is Fun- complete curriculum K-8 w/ Pre-Alg, Alg, and Geom (fun for lower grades)
TLS- free printables; good for early drills (more than just math) 

 Literature and Poetry:  
Children's Fiction Literature
Poetry Index 
The Girl Crusoes AStory of the South Seas
Poems for Children-The Classics

History, Politics, Government, Civics, Economics
Common Sense by Thomas Paine (high school)
Free Civics- audio, notes, test- for the whole family!
Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell
American Government from HippoCampus- complete course videos
Medieval Times for Kids- tons of things here- all things castles, knights, and more, video, lit
Elements of Civil Government- this starts with the family and goes through the Legislative System 
Stories from the Crusades -pdf, 3rd grade up, starts with the Apostle Peter
The Beginner's American History by D. H. Montgomery- mid elem and up
The Story of Mankind by Hendrik Van Loon, Ph.D. (suggested on Charlotte Mason)

Home Ec

Science in the Kitchen by Mrs. E.E. Kellogg
Heirloom Sewing- Brandy's great list to sewing, smocking, embroidery and more; also see her Frugal Gifts
Free Sewing Classes for Kids from The Homeschool Magazine (this appears to be temporary, I hope not!)
Sewing Lessons for Teens- Ann Zeise's links
EasyFunSchool- Home Ec-  recipes and how-tos; preserving, pickling, no-sew pillow, scented pot holders
Crochet Pattern Central- that link goes to her patterns, she also has how-to(s) on stitches

 Piano- a lot of printable, easy materials, even if you can't play! Start with this one.
Piano from MakingMusicFun- click 'preview and print' (takes a while to load, but you can print once it does)
Some Free Piano Videos- for older children that could catch on quickly
Piano Lessons for Children- with videos
epianostudio- this is written up in blog style but it's very easy to follow
Recorder- free sheet music
Free Sheet Music
Harmonica- I printed these lessons out and my 16 and 9 yr old were playing within minutes!
BlankSheetMusic- printable staff and TAB paper, perfect for piano, guitar, and more
(You can also search any song and get basic chords, etc for free from the internet. Youtube has a wealth of how-to-play videos as well.)

Young Arts and Crafts and Projects
Dirty Socks- a fun outdoor activity 
Christmas- worksheets, songs, activities, and more
Bible -arts, crafts, printables
Free Clip Art-you can find just about anything, like much of what is on this page ;-)
EasyFunSchool- so many art supplies to make in your own kitchen-recipes

The Arts
Web Gallery of Art- a virtual museum and searchable database of European painting and sculpture(1000-1850)

Bible and Memorization
and some Christian History
Children's Bible Lessons- online games and activities, stories, etc
Free Printable Tracts- pick some for your children to print, staple, color, and leave in little places along their way
Select Works of Martin Luther-catechism- multilingualism, about, prayers, sermons, more
A Catechism for Boys and Girls-with Scripture references
Bible Coloring Pages-perfect for busy hands during Bible lessons!
Scripture Memory Coloring Sheets- short, perfect for littles
Calvary Chapel Curr.- I love these! printables, with answers
The Bible Book By Book:A Manual: For the Outline Study of the Bible by Books- jr. high and up
Stories from the Crusades -pdf, 3rd grade up, starts with the Apostle Peter create an account (free) they will learn Bible and lessons like in Sunday School(animated, interactive)
Why Won't They Listen?- this is from Answers In Genesis, written by Ken Ham and deals with evangelism (jr. high, high school, and adult) - chapters are on the sidebars, read online
The Story of David Livingston: this can be purchased or read FREE online, approx. ages 8-12

Foreign Language
Ignite the Fire- links to multiple free foreign language (some links are dead, but keep digging!)
Learn Greek- sign up is free
Greek Alphabet
Free Hebrew Videos- click out of the virtual helper on top right, tiny white square- free but they do offer more for a fee
ASL- sign language
Latin-classical (free audios, some items require purchase, but much can be learned from the audio) scroll to "Latin Course"
Cherokee (Tsalagi)- lots of resources and interesting information
-123TeachMe-that's the link to the beginner course, there's more there, interactive and video
-SpanishSpanish- free flashcards and more here (can pay for more access, but lots free)
-HomeEducatinResources- printable Spanish worksheets
-Spanicity- audio, interactive
-Free Course for Beginners- online, interactive

Learn2Type- just create a login and password, my younger kids do one level, and the older do another, done daily, they will learn to type, just check finger positions, younger children can be more lax

Free Online Education Games and Interactive Tools
Answer Math, Vocabulary, etc on Free Rice - they donate 10 grains of rice to World Hunger per correct answer!
Starfall- our favorite way to learn phonics
CIMT-Online Math
AAAASpell- interactive spelling and vocabulary
CoolMath- busy site, by packed
WebMath from Discovery Education- a nice place to play for the child who loves math or needs practice
Netrover- Dolch Word Games, interactive
BetTheFarm- my kids loved this game and were quite shocked to find farming so expensive!

 Books Should Be Free- mp3, iPod, iTunes- from the public domain
LibriVox- more free audio (they have some Arthur Scott Bailey and more public domain, click on catalog)


Glimpse of Sonshine's Character Links
Character Quotes-  many good things to memorize
The Young Gentleman and Lady's Monitor, and English Teacher's Assistant
This is more than just an English book! It is a collection of writings dealing with manners, how to spend your time wisely, good humor, friendship, and much more! Great for junior high and high school.
Manners- This is a 2 page printable PDF from a Baptist Church about an hour from us.

"It is only worthless men who seek to excuse the deterioration
of their character by pleading neglect in their early years."
— Plutarch (ca. 75AD)

Free Printable Worksheets and more
 Super Teacher Worksheets- all subjects and more!
Paper Toys- buildings, cars, and more
School Express-all sorts of things
Donna Young- printables,links, and more
Free Flash Card Maker- type in your own answers and questions
TLS- printables, coloring pages, all subjects
Learning Page- free to join
SchoolHouseTech- they sell software but have lots of free printables
Suite 101 Courses- Various Free Courses
HippoCampus- various courses
Smithsonian Lesson Plans- various
LearnersTV- various lectures, videos, animations (lots of subjects!)
NASA for Kids-
eNature- online field guides and more
EasyFunSchool- Nature Studies - projects
Summer Reading List and more from Education World
The Homeschool Freebie of the Day- signup for daily alerts of the daily freebie
Puritan's Home School- lots of goodies here, scroll to bottom for subjects, good things for high school
FreeWorldU- like a free school, online, free- taught by online flashcards preK-12 (fees for high school accreditation) 
EdHeads- virtual, interactive surgeries (cartoon)