Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hi ho Hi ho, its off to work we go!

Is everyone else working this Saturday away?

I'm working on some more pears, making more preserves.
I rendered beef fat last night and they had accidentally given me some bones so I cooked them for bone broth all night and used the broth in rice for lunch, with baked fish.
-Kids had breakfast, did their 2 hours of Saturday Math.
-They ate ALL of the Applesauce Cake that I made last night. (Boy is that cake and icing yummy!)
-They begged me to make them Beef Jerky- so I sliced and sliced and now the meat if marinating in the refrigerator. (I have the extra small pieces of beef in a pot on the stove making stew.)
-They are now begging me to go outside- and I need to so I can pick supper!

...and I really should be working on my Once-a-Month-Shopping!
Oh yeah, and I made Breakfast Bread this morning- 2 loaves. Sliced it up and put it in Ziplocs in the fridge.
I need to be going over last weeks homework too...gulp!

How's Saturday going for everyone else?


Millie said...

We had a busy Saturday too. Went coat shopping this morning (all winter coats $5 at the thrift store), came home and put the girls to tidying up while I made bread and worked on other kitchen things. Hubby worked outside all afternoon still getting ready for winter and my older daughter coming. I'm ready for a day of rest tomorrow.

Donna said...

Five dollar coat sale?!!?!!? WOW! That's great!!!
My DH worked outside today too. He said he thought he might be mowing for the last time.

...Fresh bread sure makes the day all better! Just the smell of it baking makes everything feel so homey- even if its turned upside down! ;-)

I got everything back in reasonable order by (ten minutes after) bedtime! Hope U did 2!!! :-)
May the Lord give U rest tomorrow!