Monday, October 4, 2010


Welcome to Menu Plan Monday!
A chill is in the air and nothing makes me want to cook more than when its chilly- and the warmest place in the house is in front of the stove! ;-)

BREAKFASTS: eggs and toasted homemade breakfast bread, oatmeal, french toast sticks from the freezer

-Frugal (shrimp) stir fry with brown rice
-Grilled Salmon, lima beans, brown rice, Parmesan Cauliflower*, Lemon Cake
snacks:sunflower seeds, apple slices with peanut butter-yogurt dip
-Homemade spaghetti, cookies
-homemade French Onion Soup, French Bread, French Vanilla Pudding (get the theme? ;), home canned apple juice (kids are getting sick so hopefully this meal will help!)
snacks: homemade sunflower seeds, popsicles
-Toasty Pizza Bites, salad, peas, applesauce
-Beef Stew, Lemon Oatmeal Bread
snacks: apple slices with peanut butter-yogurt dip, carrots and veggie dip
-Mexi-Polish Sausage Quick Lunch, raisins
-Grilled Cod, peas and carrots, slaw, apple crisp
snacks:carrots and celery sticks with buttermilk dressing, cheese crackers
-Cranberry Beans-n-Bacon, Cornbread, spinach, creamed corn
- Shrimp I'm Afraid So, greens, Apple Muffins
snacks: Banana Split Yogurt Smoothie, apples
-Leftover cranberry beans, cornbread, pudding
-Steak Casserole, Whole Wheat Rolls
snacks:Blackberry Smoothies, popcorn
-A Fun and Forkless Meal, Baked Apples
-Grilled Chicken Thighs, sweet potatoes, creamed asparagus
snacks: Buttermilk Pie, popcorn
*Parmesan Cauliflower:
Lightly steam 2 16 oz packages fo cauliflower.
Dump in buttered 9X13.
Dab with 5 T sliced butter.
Salt lightly.
Sprinkle with Parmesan. Lightly pepper.
Bake at 300 for about 15 minutes. Serve hot.


Anonymous said...

We still have cranberry beans left from FIL's garden last year. I need to add them to my October menu plan. Thanks for the reminder!

Joy said...

Looks great and your cake is beautiful!!!