Monday, March 7, 2011

Menu Plan Monday:

 Welcome to Menu Plan Monday!

BREAKFASTS: from the freezer: Peanut Butter Pancakes w/ jelly, Gingerbread Pancakes with molasses, Buckwheat pancakes with syrup, oatmeal, etc

-Pan-fried Tilapia, lima beans, Italian salad, fried bananas
-Pita Bread with eggs and cheese, side salad, Oatmeal Jelly Pies
snacks: homemade brownies, juice pops (from home-canned pear juice)

-Pita with chicken salad, baby carrots leftover brownies
-Red Beans and Rice, fermented cabbage, leftover brownies
snacks: popcorn w/butter, homemade strawberry yogurt

MONDAY: (once-a-month-shopping day!)
-leftover red beans and rice, fermented cabbage, canned pineapple
-sandwiches on buns, potato sticks, yogurt
snacks: Pumpkin pie with Oat Crust, jelly filled pitas

- Bologna Cups, green salad, toasted breakfast bread, homemade spiced pear jelly
-BBQ chicken thighs, potato wedges, cole slaw, glazed cake
snacks:sliced apples, bananas, almonds

-Haystacks, juice pops
-Pork Roast, potato salad, spinach salad, leftover cake
snacks:boiled eggs and mustard, orange sherbet

-Taco casserole, saucy kidney beans, green salad, leftover sherbet
-Steak Casserole, green salad, chocolate pudding
snacks: carrots and dip, sliced apples w/ peanut butter

-Frittata, spinach salad, brown rice, leftover pudding pops (frozen)
-Poor Man's Steak, lima beans, salad,
snacks:Applesauce Pudding, popcorn w/chili-cheese seasonings

Did you girls notice the 'looping'????
-Pita bread made on Saturday was also for Sunday, and the leftovers will be used as a snack on Monday.
-Brownies made Saturday were for Sunday too.
-Red Beans and Rice on Sunday were for Monday, but also some beans were set aside for Thursday!
-Orange sherbet on Wednesday will also be for Thursday.
-Chocolate Pudding on Thursday will be frozen pops for Friday.
-Also, one bag (3 hearts) of romaine will be rinsed, cut with scissors, drained, and used for salads for 3 days or so. (Romaine is a great once-a-month-shopping veggie too! If it's fresh and remains in original packaging until a a few days before using, it will keep for several weeks.Last month, I bought 5 pkgs of organic for $2 each. They lasted my family for 3 weeks- frugal and fresh veggies-yum!)

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