Monday, May 26, 2014

Menu Plan: May 25, 2014

-Cinnamon Rolls
-free lunch at friends- woo hoo!
-Vegetable Chicken Soup, strawberries
snacks: none needed, we were stuffed at friends' and ate soup late
(soup made from stock and 1lb chicken from the freezer @ .99lb, bits of veggies from garden and freezer, berries were bartered for with homemade baked goods so they cost me pennies pretty much)
total approx. daily cost: $2.00
-Cinnamon Rolls
-Tomato Veggie Soup, Sourdough, homemade Raspberry Jam
-Eggs-Onions-n-Pasta, baby chard and kale salad from the garden, strawberries
(tomato sauce bought in bulk and frozen in portions, veggies from garden and bits of carrots and potatoes, berries were bartered, eggs are almost free from our chickens, pasta bought in bulk)
total approx. daily cost: $1.75
-Smoothies, toasted sourdough and butter w/ honey
-Cranberry Beans (but using home-rendered cracklin's rather than bacon), corn from the freezer, squash relish, Nourishing Kraut
-Venison Mushroom-n-Onion Soup, sourdough, strawberries
snacks:cream cheese and celery
(smoothies made from the bartered berries and homemade kefir, honey bartered work for, cranberry beans from dried from the freezer, corn was free for the pickin', squash relish and kraut was made from home-grown or free ingredients from farmer friends last year, venison free, mushrooms free, berries bartered)
total approx. daily cost: $2.25
-Masa Porridge
-15 Bean Soup (no meat), fried cornbread, sauteed kale, strawberries
-Spaghetti Sauce with Turkey Meatballs over whole grain pasta, chard salad, strawberries
snacks:leftover smoothie popsicles
(porridge is .12 for 5 servings, half the soup today and half tomorrow, cornbread pennies, kale from garden, berries bartered, sauce made in bulk, turkey meatballs made 1 big batch by recipe linked, split for 3 meals, pasta bought in bulk on clearance 1 gallon bag for under $2, chard from garden, smoothies leftover from breakfast the day before)
total approx. daily cost: $4.75
-Bug Oats
-leftover soup and cornbread, berries
-leftover Spaghetti as a side, Tangy Kale Salad, green beans with onions, pickled carrots
snacks:Cinnamon-Applesauce Salad
(steel cut oats were given to me months ago, leftovers are free as their costs were figured in yesterday, kale is free from the garden but the other ingredients are a few cents, green beans free from freezer from last year's garden, pickled carrots were almost free for the making last year, applesauce bought #10 can for less than $2 on clearance and other ingredients are a cheap)
total approx. daily cost: $1.00
-Orange Date Muffins
- fried eggs, baked potatoes w/ fake bacon bits, strawberries
-Shredded Chicken w/ Ramen and bits of shredded veggies, chard-kale mix from garden
snacks: Orange Date Muffins
(oranges on the cheap at Aldi weeks ago, dates in bulk, eggs basically free from our chicks and potatoes were bought at .18 per lb at local market, ramen bought in bulk, shredded veggies are pennies)
total approx. daily cost:  $4.00
-Granola Bars
-Bologna Sandwiches, pretzels, sliced apples
-Venison Stew, Sourdough Bread, Blueberry Jam
snacks:Impossible Pumpkin Pie
(oats and choc chips for bars bought in bulk, bologna at .99 pack, pretzels @ .99 bag, half a bag, 2 large apples .40, venison free, veggies from garden with 2 potatoes @ .18lb, bread pennies to make, jam free for the making, pumpkin was free-cooked-pureed and frozen -no crust, so pennies to make the pies)
total approx. daily cost: $3.25

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