Monday, June 16, 2008

Simple Sunday- Beef-n-Beans

Sunday is my craziest day of the week sometimes, well, most times!

I try to keep things simple for lunch and plan ahead for supper, by cooking something in the crock pot or slow-baking in the oven.

Today's lunch was a choice of 3 (since there was leftovers from the week):
The pic above was first choice and it is simply;
3/4 lb extra lean beef-browned with-
1 large onion chopped
and 3 cans of pork-n-beans (or leftover white beans or BBQ baked beans)

Choice 2 was;
leftover Rotini

Choice 3 was;
leftover Butter Beans with Turkey Polish Sausage with Fried Cornbread

Dessert was Whole Wheat and Flax Chocolate Chip Cookies

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