Sunday, February 22, 2009

Monday's Menu............

This week looks like it may hold a real treat on the 'blog menu'!
It looks like Brandy, The Prudent Homemaker, will have her guest post ready and jam-packed with lots and lots of tips on how to stock a pantry!! WooHoo!
(And some tips on frugal living!)
I hope you all will come back and read along!
But meal time menu plans are as follows:
*kid's choice***Sloppy Joe Cups, broccoli, pear sauce, biscuits and jelly***2 Hot chicks and all their fixin's
snack: black and blue berry smoothie! and leftover Chocolate Walnut Muffins
*soaked oats ***Chicken Soup (from leftovers) Amish Bread***Turkey Patties, potato wedges, speckled butter beans
*kid's choice***Beans, potatoes, cornbread***Chili
*Scottish Soaked Oats*** Chili, smoothies*** 5 Ways
*Soaked Corn Grits***Chicken Souffle, purple hull peas, Make Its Own Crust Pumpkin Pie*** Fish, brown rice, broccoli, Cranberry Crunch
*Creamy Rice*** Ground Beef Pie, mashed potatoes, green peas ***Turkey Patties, green beans, corn
*kid's choice**TBA
****Click HERE for more Menu Plans!****


Marnie said...

Your menu looks great. I have some pumpkin from my garden thawing so that I can try your coconut pumpkin muffins this morning.

I am looking forward to the Prudent Homemaker post!

Have a great day!

Joy said...

Your menu looks yummy!
I havent started menu planning yet but I know I need to it helps to know what to cook so you aren't rushing around to find something to fix just seems I never get to it or don't have the time or recipes handy..I don't know..I think I am going to start though! LOL
I am so looking forward to Prudent Homemaker post...