Monday, April 28, 2008

Beans= CHILI

My kids love it when they wander in the kitchen to find the GIANT pot is on the stove. They start in; "What's in the pot? What's in the pot?" And under their breath; "Please let it be beans. Please let it be beans." Why?!?!? Because beans leads to chili! We get beans and cornbread one night and then the chili magic begins!
First it's just chili and crackers.
Secondly, this time, it was chili-cheese-baco-potatoes!
-Just a simple baked potato with chili, cheese, and bacon bits.
Thirdly, this time, we got chili in the wheat-cheese wraps (wraps,made sorta like Tammy's here:
Served with a side of my Shoestring Sweet Potatoes with a Kick, here:

And we still had leftovers!
I posted this just as an encouragement to bulk cook your beans, chili, and soups.
See my post on Tips for Soup for more ideas on this:

How I usually make chili:
Something else to do with chili:
Chili could also be used to make a dish like this, just omit everything but the corn tortillas and cheese and use the chili for the filling:

A quick and super cool lunch:

And if all else fails and you get tired of it, freeze it or give some to your friend or neighbor with a nice sleave of crackers!

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