Monday, October 11, 2010

Menu Plan ...

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday!
You'll probably notice a lot of 'dairy' this week. I found half gallons of milk on mark-down for .79!
It was expiring that day so I made buttermilk and yogurt with some (so it would last longer), the rest
will need to be used up quickly. ..hmm, let's see where I can work it all in!

eggs and applesauce, oatmeal, toasted breakfast bread and eggs, Coconut-Pecan pancakes from the freezer

L- Sirloin Stew, grilled bread, chocolate candy
S- Grilled Turkey Sausages, potatoes, spinach salad, hot cross buns
snacks: starfruit, chocolate milk, hot cross buns, clementines

L- leftover soup, Refrigerator Spelt Rolls, salad, grapes
S- Oven fried chicken thighs, lima beans, spinach salad, milk, cookies
snacks: fried bananas, hot cross buns, homemade ice cream

- Spaghetti Sauce with Penne, pudding (*cook enough pasta to toss in fridge for pasta salad another day)
-Meat Loaf Patties, Fridge Spelt Rolls, turnip greens, sweet potatoes, Coconut Cream Pie
snacks: clementines, grapes, boiled eggs with mustard, pie

- Butternut Squash Soup, French Bread (this soup is amazing!), milk, cookies
-Grilled Tilapia, spaghetti squash with butter and Parmesan, cole slaw, frozen juice pops
snacks: yogurt, Banana Split Smoothies,  apple slices

-Pizza Bites, spinach salad,baby carrots, pudding pops (from leftover pudding)
-Easy Maple-Dijon Chicken, pasta salad, brown rice, spinach salad, raisins
snacks:chocolate milk, sunflower seeds, berry compote

-Chicken and Chickpea Salad
-Spicy Beef and Bean Burritos, salsa and chips
snacks: REAL Pumpkin-Pecan Cakes, almonds, milk and cookies

-Grilled salmon, brown rice, broccoli, Pumpkin Cakes
-Chicken and Dumplings, green beans, steamed carrots, cornbread
snacks:apples and peanut butter yogurt dip, peach smoothies

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