Thursday, November 3, 2011

Just Chat....Pumpkins, Dentists, and Swagbucks

This week has been catawampus! I had to take dd to the dentist on Monday after knocking something loose. The kids had a bug on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Thursday I had to take 16 year old to the dentist because we could no longer find a filling that used to be in a tooth and the tooth had become a weapon...against his tongue! Oh and....the ladies at the dentist's office think I should just take up room and board around there! It would save me some gas $$$!!

There were other crazy things that happened but they might bore you to tears so I'll skip them. You're welcome. ;-)

I'm baking 2 large pumpkins that came from Aldi (@ $1.99 each). I will puree and freeze them for pies, cookies, glazed cookies, cakes, pancakes, bread, and muffins.
I'm also roasting the seeds which are usually gone as soon as they cool enough for everyone to eat them. 

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ValerieAnn said...

Yes Swagbucks is great! I stumbled across it and can't remember how, but I keep racking up the bucks for something sometime!

I am just hoping to be the 'Hourly Random Winner' sometime! I also signed up for free codes. Have you done that yet? I missed a few today, but was able to snag 41 SB with the codes I did not miss! They have been generous today.

Donna said...

How do you sign up for free codes?
I will have to dig for that.

I go here sometimes to look for them:

Arden said...

I think I am going to switch dentists. I go to a pediatric dentist and they remind me of Sears dental.
I take 8 children in at least twice a year. Usually another visit or two thrown in for sealants, etc. The office staff acts like they don't know us every.single.time. Honestly?

Donna said...

That has to be aggravating. Many times when you see that- the dentist or the doctor in charge has a rotten spirit and it trickles down.

Funny- I go to another office that didn't see my kids for years and the first time the doc saw them with me he said, "They're growing up so fast!"

My kids have had so many dental issues that our office has made a LOT of money off of us! Perhaps your kids teeth are so healthy that they don't make enough money from you ;-)

Just teasing- but there seems to be a loss of good business sense and etiquette today. In the entire town that we frequent, I can only think of about 2 businesses that are 'nice' and friendly to us. My first boss taught me two things; 1) the customer is always right, 2) the customer pays your pay check and don't you forget it!

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