Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Menu Plan April 20, 2014

We will have LOTS of leftover bread this week along with lots of eggs, and a few things from the garden. I'm also trying to weed out last year's jams and jellies.
But these homemade and homegrown goodies will help in the frugal quest- especially when I need quick foods because there's so much work to be done outside :)
These gals have really been earning their keep- providing us with some wonderful eggs!

-Homemade Cinnamon Rolls
-Breakfast Sandwich Biscuit, fruit
-Wilted Kale and Green Onions with bits of bacon, bananas
snacks:kefir smoothies(with banana, leftover berry jam- gotta move some of these jars!), Wheat Sourdough
total approx. daily cost:  $5.25
-leftover Cinnamon Rolls
-eggs, sourdough and jam
-beans, green onions, Fermented Kraut, toasted sourdough and jelly
snacks:Fried Bananas
total approx. daily cost: $1.25
-Homemade Wheat Bread and Strawberry Jam, bananas
-Cranberry-Almond Chicken Salad, home-canned spicy-pickled carrots, romaine salad, sourdough and jelly
-Home-Canned Vegetable-Barley Soup, Grilled Cream Cheese Sandwiches
snacks: Chocolate-Banana Smoothies
total approx. daily cost: $3.75
-Fried eggs, sourdough, boysenberry jelly (gift!)
-Home-Canned Pumpkin Soup with sour cream, Sourdough Bread w/ homemade Violet Jelly
-Bean and Rice Burritos, romaine salad w/ green onions from the garden
snacks:Coconut Custard (our eggs)
total approx. daily cost: $2.75
-leftover Coconut Custard, sourdough toast
-Homemade Pimiento Cheese Sandwiches, cup of veggie-broth soup (from leftovers)
-Salmon Mac and Cheese, home-canned beets and green beans
snacks:carrots and celery sticks with veggie dip
total approx. daily cost: $3.75
-Brown Rice Pudding
-Baked Eggs in Toast Cups (homemade bread), home-canned apples, buttered carrots with chives (garden)
-Baked Potatoes with fried eggs, romaine salad
snacks: Root Beer Floats (splurge!)
total approx. daily cost: $3.25


Felicia said...

All those home cooked goods is making my fingers itch to get back in the kitchen, even though I just left it to take a break. I think tomorrow I'm going to let this inspire me to make some granola and cranberry muffins.

Donna said...

Don't you wish we got paid by the hour for kitchen duty ;-)