Monday, February 11, 2013

Menu Plan: Feb. 9, 2013

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday!

-Masa Porridge
-leftover Spaghetti and Meatballs, Seeded Tri-Flour Rolls
-Cheeseburger Pizza Pie
snacks:popcorn w/ milk and sugar, apples and peanut butter
-Fried Eggs and Grits
-Cheeseburger-Potato Soup
-Pork Loin, boiled cabbage, green peas, fried apples
snacks:buttered popcorn
-scrambled eggs and applesauce
-Corn Chowder w/ Turkey Ham, 10 Grain Muffins
-Quesidilla Beef Bake, Black Bean and Corn Salsa
snacks:sliced oranges, fried bananas
-Oatmeal Pancakes, turkey sausage links
-Potato Soup, Cottage Cheese Dinner Rolls
-Chicken Joes on Kaiser Rolls,green salad with shredded carrots
snacks:peanut butter and bananas, sliced oranges
-Kamut English Muffins, fried eggs, Pomegranate Jelly
-Beef-n-Cabbage Stew, Cheddar Scones
-Pork Tacos, slaw
snacks:sliced oranges, nuts, Chocolate Granola w/ milk
-Banana Nut Pancakes
-Lima-Burger Soup, Italian Bread
-Chinese Lemon Chicken, rice, green salad
snacks: fried apples, popcorn, nuts
-Fluffy Spiced Wheat Germ Pancakes
-saucy beans w/ brown rice, green salad, Fried Masa Cakes
-Homemade Pizza
snacks: Chocolate Granola w/ homemade yogurt, sliced oranges

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