Monday, March 3, 2014

Menu Plan: March 1, 2014

-Italian Stew, Rolls, homemade jelly
-sandwiches, bananas
snacks:apples with peanut butter
Total daily cost approx: $6.00
-toast and jelly
-Pizza! (a treat with a friend, but truly the biggest treat is always her company! God is good!)
-Homemade Chicken Soup (like this but with potatoes and tomatoes)
snacks: candy
Total daily cost approx: $2.00
-Fried Eggs in home-rendered lard, toast and homemade cinnamon-pear jelly (almost free eggs)
-Lentil and Root Stew (with whatever veggies I have on hand), fried corn cakes
-Black Bean (Venison) Chili crackers (free venison, beans from dried in freezer, home-canned tomatoes)
snacks:Glazed Cranberry Bread
Total daily cost approx:$2.50
-Lemon-Poppy Seed Oatmeal
-Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, apples
-leftover chili, Brownies
Total daily cost approx: $2
-Coconut Granola
-Onion Soup, French Bread
-Monkey Meat on Flatbreads  (Dividing cost, I will get 3 meals from this.)
snacks: toasted bread wedges with pizza sauce, leftover brownies
Total daily cost approx: $4.75
-Oatmeal-Wheat Pancakes
-leftover Monkey Meat on Flatbreads, Peanut Butter Candy Bars
-15 Bean Soup (no meat), Jalapeno-Cheddar Cornbread
snacks: leftover bars
Total daily cost approx: $5.50
-Masa Porridge
-leftover soup and cornbread, pb bars
-Turkey Meatball Subs on leftover French Bread
snacks: Homemade Ice Cream
Total daily cost approx: $5.00


Jennifer Hoffman said...

Do you post these menus every week?? Looks like in my budget and do you try to keep it healthy/balanced?

Jennifer Hoffman said...

Also I am not able to garden/farm- do you think I can still keep my budget low following your plan? I do shop at discount stores and coupon. Do you state when something is homemade (like sandwich bread), and how much freezer/make ahead cooking do you do? Do you list that? Thank you!!!

Donna said...

I try to post every week, but sometimes life gets busy- especially in summer. You can click the tab "menu" underneath the post to see previous menus.

Without gardens it will be harder, but another tip is- take anything that anyone gives you! Also, if you have an Aldi or Farmer's Market or know people who garden, that can help. Put the word out that you will take any extras that they have. (If you can't use it right away, can or freeze it!)

If my bread is not homemade, it is bought from a local thrift store for cheap.

I do sometimes post about my freezer cooking and if you see "from the freezer" beside something it was pre-cooked. I often do this with breakfast items such as pancakes.

You might also like to read the "15 Simple Ways to Save on Your Grocery Budget" on my side bar :)

Donna said...

Oh and yes! I do try really hard to keep a healthy balance, as the Lord provides! :)

BitsofMoxy said...

I spied your Monkey Meat. So I made it, but I used a Boston Butt Roast(better price). Oh my that is some delicious slow cooking! Thank you again for all of your posts. I learn so much and you haven't posted a bad recipe yet :)
Thank you again!

Donna said...

Moxy- You made my day!!!!!
Ah, I be it is VERY good with pork and SO much more frugal- way to frugal it up!

Jennifer Hoffman said...

Thank you so much for your help! Do you keep any other snacks on hand besides those listed? Do you buy cereal? I know cutting out packaged foods can save a lot. So, I assume everything on your !menu plan is homemade basically?

Donna said...

I seldom buy cereal and usually only a healthy one if I happen to find it on a good sale. Otherwise, 'cereal' is homemade granolas ;-)

Yes, sometimes we have other snacks here. On average, I may buy 1 bag of pretzels and 2 bags of tortilla chips to eat with salsa, per month. I also try to keep saltines and graham crackers. Mainly because they are so useful for so many other things. (Cracker candy, with cheese chunks, ..graham cracker crust, peanut butter balls, cookie bars, with peanut butter, etc)

But, it's not unlike me to make those homemade either! :)

But on this menu, I can only find 2 things that were not homemade and that was candy (a gift) and we were taken out for pizza as a treat from a friend. ...The more I make, the cheaper I can feed my family!