Monday, May 19, 2014

Menu Plan: May 18, 2014

-Homemade Coconut Granola
-Bologna Cups, homemade sourdough w/homemade pumpkin butter, home-canned pickles, sliced apple, sliced tomato
-Homemade Chicken Soup, sourdough, homemade blueberry jam
snacks:sunflower seeds
(granola, used coconut flour that was given to me, bologna bought on sale at .99-used half pack, eggs free from our chickens, grew cukes and pickled, was given pumpkins and canned, apples were 2.99 for 5lbs and used only one big one, tomatoes were .69 lb- used one, soup- homemade broth, chicken at .99lb-.25 for pasta, pennies for onions and celery, handfuls of chopped baby chard and kale from the garden)
total approx daily cost: $4.25
-Bagels, cream cheese, honey
-leftover cup-of-soup, grilled cream cheese sandwiches, sliced tomatoes
-Pork Hash (with rice, rather than potatoes), pureed butternut squash, home-canned green beans
snacks:raw goat cheese and crackers
(bagels @ .99 clearance, used half bag, cream cheese clearance at .25- used 1/3 pack, honey free bartering with bee keeper, bread for sandwiches clearance at .99, used 1/2 loaf, tomatoes at .69 lb used one, pork was given to me by someone who killed their own pig, rice pennies in bulk, squash grown last year and beans, goat cheese was bartered for with homemade bread)
total approx daily cost: $1.75
-Bagels with cinnamon butter
-Onion-Kale-and-White Bean Soup, Chocolate Custard
-egg and cheese sandwiches, side salad, home-canned applesauce
snacks:Pumpkin Breads
(bagels at .99- used half a bag, onions- pennies, kale from garden, beans from dried- pressure cooked and frozen, custard made from our chicken eggs, bread at .99-used half, cheese in bulk, salad made from free lettuce from a farmer who had leftovers at the market, pumpkin from pureed frozen free pumpkins)
total approx. daily cost:  $2.50
-leftover Custard
-Cranberry Beans w/ cracklin', cornbread, home-canned squash relish, Pepper Jelly
-Venison Goolash, Cinnamon Cake
snacks:crackers w/ zesty raw goat cheese
(custard price figured in the previous day, beans from dried-pressure cooked and frozen, cracklin' from free pork, relish and jelly made from free or produce given to me from other gardeners, free venison, pasta bought on sale with coupons, diced tomatoes bought in bulk and separated and frozen, cake mix was given to me from someone cleaning out pantry, cheese bartered for with bread but counting the cost of the bread)
total approx daily cost:  $2.25
-Millet w/ butter and honey
-Bologna Cups w/ mustard, Simple Slaw, sliced tomatoes, corn on the cob
-Garden Lentils with Chapatis, leftover cake
snacks:chapatis w/ butter and honey
(millet bought at .99lb, bologna at .99-used half pack, our eggs, cabbage at .39lb and will last for several meals, tomatoes at .69lb used one, corn from another farmer last year, will use baby chard instead of spinach in lentils, green onions from garden, peppers frozen last year- and other garden veggies, honey free for bartering work for bee keeper)
total approx daily cost: $2.75
-Frugal Vanilla Granola and milk
-Zucchini Soup, Sourdough w/ whipped cream cheese
-Shredded Chicken Sandwiches, leftover slaw, sliced apples
snacks:Fried Bananas
(zukes from last year- shredded and frozen, cream cheese bought at .25 clearance, chicken at .99lb using 1.5 lbs, apples at 2.99 for 5lbs- using one large)
total approx daily cost: $4.00
-Cinnamon Rolls
-PB and J sandwiches, baby carrots, homemade pickles
-Homemade Pizza, fried apples
snacks: sourdough with homemade Blueberry-Strawberry Jam
(bread bought at .99, using half, carrots bought at .99lb, using 1/3, cheese and pepperoni bought in bulk, apples from ours and orchard- frozen)
total approx. daily cost: $5.75


Joy said...

Menu looks great as usual! I like your added notes to each.
When you go to the bread store do you ever see gluten free items?

Donna said...

Thank you Joy :)

I haven't seen any yet, but next time I go, I will ask her can she get it!

another note for you-
The Graham Granola Recipe you and I have? You can sub out the wheat flour for coconut flour and have a gluten free Granola for Little-Bit! ;-)

Joy said...

Thanks so much for the tip! I hadn't even thought of that I will be doing for sure!

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