Saturday, May 9, 2009


Hope you all had a great Mother's Day!
I had a great day!
I'm so thankful for the 6 little voices that call me Mom!

My Menu Plan for Monday:

-waffles / eggs
-Tossed Chicken-chickpea Salad, pops , leftover Rhubarb Shortcake
-Savory Beef-n-Peppers over Rice, leftover No-bake Cookies
*snacks: Blueberry Cheesecake, apples and dip

-Bulgar cereal
-Salmon Patties, mashed potatoes, sauteed yellow squash, leftover No-Bake Cookies
-Chicken Chapatis, Fried Bananas
*snacks: cheesesticks, Mother's Day Cake

-soaked oatmeal, bagels w/cream cheese
-Tuna Salad on Spinach Wraps , Tomato Salad
-BBQ Chicken legs***, kale greens, mashed potatoes
*snacks: cocoa zucchini muffins , cukes and dip

-soaked millet, bagels w/cream cheese
-Salmon Loaf, beets, green beans
-Roast, potatoes, carrots, cornbread
*snacks:garbanzo dip with blue chips and carrots, blueberry-cherry slushies

-kids choice
-"Cooking School"-kids will pick and cook! (probably homemade pizza)
-Tarragon Turkey Loaf with Mushroom Sauce, brussel sprouts, sweet carrots
*snacks: Cooking School-kids pick and cook; probably Whole Wheat Pretzels

-eggs, bacon, bagels
-simple spaghetti
-Mexican Shredded Beef on Flatbread, corn and pepper salad
*snacks: tea and homemade tea crackers, blueberry cobbler

-Bug Oats
-chicken pie, green beans, corn
-Pizza Noddle Bake, spinach, mixed veggies
*snacks: muffins

***FRUGAL TIP: When one store in town is running a special -say on chicken legs, keep watch when you can at other stores because that same product may not sell as good there and they will end up marking them down to even lower than the sale price at the other store!


Susan said...

Your rhubarb shortcakes sound wonderful (I love rhubarb and ours is almost ready - although sadly the rest of my family doesn't share my enthusiasm for it!), as do the zucchini cocoa muffins ... yum! Thanks for sharing all the recipes.

Joy said...

Your menu looks really yummy as usual! I hope you all are doing well haven't heard from you in a while..Are you soggy on there like here? We still haven't been able to get all our garden out!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Great menu plan ya got here....chapato sounds fab!