Wednesday, October 13, 2010

- looping meals throughout the week...

By Looping, I mean tying meals together, sorta.  :-)

When making out meal plans for the week, I look for ways to cut time off meal-prep. This leaves me more time to be creative sometimes, since it cuts cooking time.

For example:
On Monday, I might cook Penne with tomato sauce. I cook extra noodles, toss them in the fridge and use them on Wednesday for pasta salad.
(with broccoli , or roasted peppers, or with peas)

On Tuesday;
I might cook a pot of beans with cornbread-and all the Southern fixin's.
Later in the week, I will make chili or 'saucy beans' as a side, ...or even baked beans as a side.
I might even rinse, drain, and toss them in a salad!
(Or even Bean Dip for a snack. :)

Wednesday we might have fruit compote for dessert, then have the leftover compote over ice cream or plain cake on Friday, or maybe even over oatmeal for breakfast.

A big batch of cornbread on Tuesday (with those beans) may turn into homemade dressing with turkey on Saturday.

Leftover rice from stir fry on Thursday can be breakfast on Friday, or rice cakes at lunch or supper.
(Or they might stretch a Salmon Loaf or even a Meat Loaf.)

Leftover chopped tomatoes on tacos on Sunday gets tossed on the salad on Monday.

Stranger still, leftover pumpkin pie on Saturday turns into breakfast on Sunday. 
Fruit Crisps, the same way....and Fruit Pies!

*************LOOPING meals, Works for Me Wednesday!***********************


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