Sunday, March 9, 2014

Menu Plan: March 8, 2014

Mexi Chicken Dish

-Peanut Butter Oatmeal
-White Bean and Turkey Bacon Soup (crockpot), cornbread
(small pack of turkey bacon bought on sale for $1, peppers from freezer-free)
-Mexi-Chicken Dish, clementines (beans cooked from dried and frozen, chicken bought @.99lb)
snacks:Chili-Cheese Popcorn
total daily cost approx: $5.00
-Breakfast Cookies from the freezer
-leftover bean soup and cornbread from Saturday
-Simple Hash,green beans from the freezer, crushed pineapple (potatoes were free from farmers, beans from our freezer, meat bought on sale, pineapple bought in #10 clearanced for $1.80, will divided through week)
snacks: Caramel Popcorn
total daily cost approx: $3.50
-Chocolate Granola
-Turkey and Cheese Wraps, sliced apples
-Chicken Hollandaise over rice, green beans (freezer), home-canned beets, pineapple
(chicken bought at .99lb beans &  beets were free)
snacks: Quick Pretzels
total daily cost approx: $3.25
-Buttermilk Biscuits, fried eggs, Cinnamon-Pear Jelly
-Wintry Tomato Soup, Cottage Cheese Dinner Rolls
-Venison patties, pureed butternut squash, lima beans
(free meat, squash grown in garden)
snacks:leftover biscuits and jelly
total daily cost approx: $2.75
-Muesli (with whatever dried fruit I have on hand)
-Cream of Sunshine Soup, Artisan Rolls, Basil Jelly (squash for soup-free, broth homemade-jelly too)
-Spaghetti, rolls, pineapple (I can get 3 meals from that recipe, often with leftovers)
snacks: No-Bake Peanut Butter Cookies
total daily cost approx: $3.00
-Wheat Germ Pancakes from the freezer
-Corn Chowder w/ Turkey Ham, leftover rolls from Wednesday
(corn, free-peppers free- both from freezer, potatoes free from farmers, ham bought and divided up)
-pinto beans, hot pepper jelly, cornbread, Nourishing Kraut (free cabbage from farmers last year)
snacks: Apple-Walnut Flax Cookies (apples and flax were given to me)
total daily cost approx: $3.25
-Whole Wheat Choc Chip Waffles from the freezer
-Venison Goolash, home-canned fried apples (venison free, pasta bought on sale)
-Cheeseburger Pizza Pie, Baked Lemon Pudding Cake
snacks: Crispy Cinnamon Chips (bought tortillas at bread store for $1 a pack, may use 1/3 to 1/2 pack)
total daily cost approx: $5.75

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