Saturday, June 27, 2009


It's hot...let's eat light...its almost time for my once-a-month-shopping trip so lets see what we can dig out of the back of the freezer and pantry- just in time for MENU PLAN MONDAY!

-granola and milk
-lentils and rice (by request of the kids!), leftover muffins and strawberry bread
-salmon patties, mashed buttermilk potatoes, mac-n-cheese (by request by DH)
Snacks: Chai Rice Milk, cake, salsa and blue chips
-coconut-almond granola and milk
-lentils and rice leftovers(my youngest, normally-picky eater says he could eat this everyday), Chard-Burger Pie
-monkey meat from the freezer with flatbread, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, sour cream, salsa
with black bean (from the freezer) salsa, sliced cucumber from the one and only one so far from the garden
Snacks: (NT) Almond Cookies, homemade bread and honey
-soaked Breakfast Cake
-lettuce salad, fish sticks, green beans
-Creamy Chicken Enchiladas, brussel sprouts
Snacks: (NT) Almond Cookies, Cherry-coconut milk smoothies
-bug oats
-tuna salad in pita bread, blueberry slushes
- Shredded Chicken Sandwiches, blackberry crisp
Snacks: popcorn, popsicles HM, HM-NT rice milk
-coconut rice
-Sammy's, potato salad
-beans, cornbread, hopefully fried squash or okra from the garden
Snacks:carob fudge, popcorn
-soaked millet
-sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast burritos, coconut milk and fruit smoothies
-chili and crackers (from leftover beans)
Snacks: Blueberries-n-Cheesecake, homemade graham crackers
-bug oats
Snacks:cheese popcorn, fruit slushes

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