Monday, January 10, 2011

Menu Plan Monday...

 Welcome to Menu Plan Monday!
Tips below about (Once a Month) Shopping!

- Hamburger Soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, dark chocolate kisses (Christmas markdown!)
- Turkey, dressing (on sale items this time of year;), cranberry sauce, green beans, pumpkin pie, rolls
Snacks: hot chocolate milk (yes! heated milk with chocolate), bananas, sliced oranges

- leftover turkey with gravy, brown rice, green beans w.onions, cranberry salad, pumpkin pie, rolls
- Turkey and rice with gravy, lima beans, cranberry salad, rolls, jelly
Snacks: sliced oranges, homemade pickles, carrots and dip

-Corn-n-ham Chowder, Refrigerator Spelt Rolls, leftover pumpkin pie
-Oven-fried Chicken Thighs, Salad, speckled butter beans, Blueberry Muffins
Snacks: sliced apples, bananas, candy canes (another markdown special!)

- Ham and Onion Frittata, mapled baby carrots, spinach salad, candy canes
- Lemon Pepper Salmon, purple and white potatoes and onions, green salad, light chocolate cake with glaze
Snacks: Raspberry Creamy Shake, almonds, sliced oranges

- Salmon Loaf, green peas, sliced cukes and tomatoes, Spelt Rolls, jelly
- Turkey patties, green salad, brussel sprouts in butter sauce, Blackberry Crisp
Snacks: yogurt, sliced apples and oranges, almonds

- Butternut Squash Soup, (Swirly)Wheat Rolls, sliced cukes, jelly
- Turkey meatloaf, seasoned brown rice, slaw, lemonade
Snacks: boiled eggs with mustard, raisins, sliced oranges

- Polish Sausage in Cranberry Beans, slaw, cornbread, spinach, fruit salad
- leftovers, cream cheese bars
Snacks: carrots and dip, salsa and chips

This is an exciting time of year if you want to store up as you're grocery shopping!
Pumpkin, hams, turkeys, candy, baking supplies, etc. are all on sale- time to stock the pantry!
Also, don't forget the fresh foods that run at good prices too. Those would be sweet potatoes, celery,
often cabbage, oranges, grapefruits, and cranberries which can be tossed right in the freezer to store.
If you do once-a-month-shopping, be sure to keep track of the fresh foods that you've bought.
Use the most perishable in the earlier weeks of your shopping cycle (grapes, cherries, lettuce, spinach, etc), saving the longer lasting foods until the later part of the cycle, such as carrots, potatoes, apples, etc and your frozen fruits and veggies.


Joy said...

Great menu and great tips!! Thanks so much for the tips on things that should be on sale!

Donna said...

Thank you Joy!
You're always so encouraging!