Monday, September 19, 2011

Menu Plan -

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday!
My frugal tip for the week: Bake a big batch of cookies over the weekend- like, Whole Wheat and Flax Cookies, then you're sure to have a quick snack and sweet treat for the week. This is a big batch that you can freeze in balls and bake when you want or bake them all for your cake plate, putting half in the freezer for later.

-brown rice w/ butter and cane sugar
-Beef, Barley, and Mushroom Soup, fried bananas
-Cheeseburger Pizza-Pie, sliced apples, Spelt Cinnamon Rolls
snacks:Cream Cheese Strawberry Bread, Kefir-Chocolate Chip Muffins

-kids' choice
-Chicken Noodle Soup, grapes, leftover Cream Cheese Strawberry Bread
- Roast and roots! (red potatoes, carrots, beets)
snacks:cookies, sliced apples, leftover Cinnamon Rolls

-soaked oatmeal w/ cane sugar and cinnamon
-Sloppy Joe Wheels, romaine salad,Cocoa Rolls
-Pinto Beans, swiss chard, creamed corn, cookies
snacks:Eggnog Pudding, celery stuffed w/ kefir cream cheese

-kefir-berry smoothies, scrambled eggs
-Main Dish Macaroni, lima beans, leftover chard, pickled okra, cookies
-chili from leftover beans, Simple Glazed Mocha Cake
snacks:buttered popcorn, homemade pickles

-coconut brown rice
-Moist Rice and Salmon Loaf, sweet potatoes, green salad, cookies
-Cheesy Meat and Potatoes Casserole, steamed broccoli, field peas
snacks: Gummy Worms,buttered popcorn

-soaked oatmeal
-Taco Salad, chips w/ homemade bean dip, cookies
-Oven-fried Chicken Thighs, chick peas, swiss chard
snacks: Impossible Pumpkin Pie, Chunky Cherry Cocoa Muffins

-kefir-spelt pancakes
-Chicken-ChickPea Salad,Coconut Milk and Fruit Slush
-Sliced roast beef w/ homemade gravy, brown rice, peas and carrots
snacks:Amazing Peanut Butter Bars, Rice Cakes

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