Monday, November 7, 2011

Menu Plan:

 Welcome to Menu Plan Monday!

My frugal tip this week: Eat oatmeal for breakfast! We bought 50lbs for $15 this week.
Also, see my post on The Frugal Turkey! Time to stock up this month, while they are sale prices!

-Impossible Pumpkin Pie
-Turkey sandwiches, pumpkin seeds, cookies
-homemade pizza (Brandy's dough), strawberries and cream
snacks:sliced apples, dried pineapples
-kids' choice
-leftover pizza, kefir smoothies
-turkey, dressing, green beans, sweet potatoes,cranberry sauce
snacks:sliced apples, sliced strawberries and cream
-soaked oatmeal w/ sliced strawberries
-Wintry Tomato Soup, grilled cheese wedges, sliced apples
-leftover turkey, dressing, green beans, cranberry sauce, Golden Broccoli Salad
snacks: Amazing Peanut Butter Bars, kefir w/ maple syrup
-soaked oats and wheat bran with cinnamon
-peanut butter and banana sandwiches, carrot sticks, sliced apples
-roast beef w/ gravy, mashed potatoes, spinach salad
snacks:Brown Sugar Cookies (w/coconut), Eggnog Pudding
-Buckwheat Pancakes
-(garden) Leek Soup, deviled eggs
-Cheesy Meat and Potatoes Casserole, spinach salad, cole slaw
snacks:leftover pudding, sliced apples
-soaked oatmeal
-Sausage Quiche, spinach salad, Grandpa's Oatmeal Muffins
-Lemon-Pepper Salmon, seasoned brown rice, spinach salad, sliced tomatoes
snacks:cinnamon toast, sliced apples
-Chocolate Crepes
-white beans, swiss chard, cornbread
-Tapatio Chicken Legs, leftover-white beans, chard, slaw
snacks: Crunchy Peanut Butter Balls, Baked Apples


Joy said...

Wonderful menu again!! I haven't bought any turkeys yet, and need to do so this week or soon! I bought some fresh cranberries the other day. What else do you do with them besides sauce? We also bought some pomegranates because we were reading about them in the bible and the kids wanted to try them. How do you cut them and eat them? LOL I have never had one!

Donna said...

Thank you Joy!

We make slushies sometimes with them. (ice, berries, water or juice, sweetener)

You can chop and use in muffins and breads.

Relishes and salads:
(my personal fave!)

If you can't find enough uses for them, toss them like they are in the the bags they came in.

Pomegranates are a little messy- but worth every bit of trouble!
Just cut them in half and turn them inside out as you can to pop the seeds lose. You eat the whole 'jewel' as I call them ...because they are so pretty.

I want to make some jelly with them sometime. Love them! I think you'll see why they ended up in special places in the Bible ;-)