Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday, Monday..Menu Plan

After shopping on Saturday and rendering fat, I'm ready to plan my menu!

-french toast
-leftover "That's Italian" (my homemade ziti dish), yogurt, carrot sticks and spinach dip
-homemade hamburgers, yogurt

-sausage, egg, and cheese English muffins
-open-face turkey and cheese sandwiches, spinach salad with wheat sprouts, Rugelach
-Roast Potatoes Carrots, cornbread, masa cakes with honey

-steel cut oats, bagels w/cream cheese
-Eggs In Ham, spinach salad, peaches
-Chicken Parmigiana, green beans, corn

-millet, bagels w/ cream cheese
-Breaded Fish, Amish Bread, green beans, sweet potatoes
-Steak Casserole, whole wheat dinner rolls, green peas

-oatmeal, boiled eggs
-salmon loaf, potatoes, speckled butter beans,, cranberry slushes
-Creamy Chicken Spaghetti, broccoli, cornbread

-kids' choice
-Enchilada Bake, salsa, guacamole, blue corn chips, choco-wheat cake
-turkey patties, potato wedges, lima beans

-kid's choice
-seasoned white beans, cornbread, corn on the cob, greens. fruit
-maybe lamb!

To see what else is cookin' this week, check out MENU PLAN MONDAY!

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