Sunday, September 27, 2009

Menu Plan Monday....

*This week is starting with pumpkin pie for me!!!With fall starting to make its presence known, I just couldn't resist!I've also got out the juicer so I can get a little extra goodies down everyone to help ward off those germies that will soon be coming out to wreak havoc! (More Menu Plan Monday HERE!)

-kids choice
-Homemade Mac-n-Cheese Meal, fried squash and peppers from the garden, green peas, Baked Peanut Butter Pie
-Pan-fried chicken breasts,leftover mac and cheese, steamed broccoli, pumpkin pie
Snacks: pear juice from the juicer, popcorn

-oatmeal with blueberries, milk
-Tuna Salad on homemade toasted bread, salad, leftover pumpkin pie
-Lil Roasted Chickens with red potatoes and carrots, fried okra
Snacks- pear juice from the juicer, salsa and blue corn chips

-Homemade Whole Wheat Waffles, milk
-Chicken Salad on Homemade Pita Bread, cup-of veggie-bean soup
-Meatloaf Cups, mashed potatoes, green beans
Snacks: pear and carrot and kale juice from the juicer, Maple-Walnut Muffins

-kids choice (cereal, leftover waffles)
-Indian Tacos
-BBQ Chicken Quarters, potatoes, cole slaw
Snacks-juice from the juicer, boiled eggs,blueberry shortcakes

-Eggs and Applesauce
-Beef-n-Cabbage Bake, corn on cob, green beans
-Monkey Meat on Flatbread, fruit salad
Snacks-Lemon Oatmeal Bread, Blueberry-Lemon Yogurt Smoothie

-soaked oatmeal
-Crumby Fish, green beans, corn
-Hamburger Pan Pizza
Snacks- Raisin Bread, Blueberry Cream Shakes

-kids choice
-Goolash, cornbread muffins
-Country Baked Beef Pie, okra and kale from the garden
Snacks- Blueberry Cottage Pudding Cake

And sometime this week I am hoping to try some new things like:

Mocha Bagels, Applesauce Cake, and Blueberry Coffee Cake!


Melissa said...

Ooh, I want to eat at your house this week! :) Everything sounds wonderful, from pumpkin pie to blueberry coffee cake, and everything between. :)

Donna said...

Why you'd be welcome to pull up a chair! ;-)