Monday, February 7, 2011


(Breakfast Sandwiches for the freezer, made from Homemade Wheat English Muffins)
I don't know about you girls but I think this is a great way to start off our week.
Cooking food and having a good plan is no small task!
It is a wonderful way to love and serve our families throughout the week.
Please see my note at the bottom about the crazy surprise for my family this coming weekend!

 Breakfast Bread (with added ground flax) with eggs, Whole Wheat English Muffins-breakfast sandwiches from the freezer, Oatmeal, Buttermilk Biscuits and gravy, ..

-mini burgers, oven fries, Graham Pudding (vanilla pudding layered with graham crackers)
-Butter Beans with (turkey) Polish Sausage, Buttermilk Cornbread, Turnip greens, yogurt
snacks: sliced oranges and apples, leftover Cream Cheese Bars

-Bologna and mustard Sandwiches, grapes, sliced oranges (I normally don't buy this but I was able to get bread for about .75 and bologna for .50, so it's a nice treat)
-Oven-fried Chicken Thighs, leftover butter beans, cornbread, greens, bread and honey
snacks: Buttered popcorn, yogurt topped with granola, cashews

-Pureed Vegetable Soup, Rye Bread, brownies
- BBQ Chicken Legs, spinach-romaine salad, potato wedges, fried bananas
snacks: chick pea dip with carrot sticks, cottage cheese and home-canned pear juice

- Chicken Stew, Buttermilk Cornbread Muffins, leftover brownies
- Meatloaf, slaw, cauliflower with mock cheese sauce, Banana Pudding
snacks: gummy worms, sliced apples and oranges, nuts

- Lemon Pepper Salmon, slaw, green beans w/onions,
-Beef-n-Leeks, brown rice,Triple Berry Fruit Crisp
snacks: yogurt topped w/vanilla granola, sliced oranges

- Spaghetti Pie, French Bread, Chocolate Pudding
- Steak Casserole, Twisted Garlic Bread Sticks, leftover pudding
snacks: Apple Pie Smoothies, orange slices, grapes

-Spaghetti Sandwiches from leftovers, slaw, Iced Graham Bites
-*Turkey, dressing, potato salad, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, lima beans, pumpkin pie
snacks: Giant Peanut Butter Spelt Cookies, sliced apples and oranges
*Dh had the idea, so I can't take full credit. But if you will notice on Friday, I'm planning a big turkey meal...
Well, what we are going to do is have a "mock" Christmas for the kids over the weekend. SHHH! Don't tell 'em! Yes, I know it's completely insane- that's why I LOVE the idea. I'm gonna make enough food on Friday for the whole weekend, put the tree up (insanity), and if the Lord wills we are going to take $10 to the Dollar Tree and buy a couple of cheap presents. We'll pull the games and puzzles back out and play all weekend! Woo hoo! Sound fun? Absolutely!    Now you feel free to 'mock' my 'mock' Christmas too!


Joy said...

Well that sounds really sweet! I just couldn't make myself get out the tree again though, I know I am a party pooper! We are having a birthday party for the two b-days we celebrated the past couple weeks, nothing fancy just family games and food!

Your kids will be sooo excited! I hope they don't read your blog! :0)

The Prudent Homemaker said...

How fun! I'm cooking a turkey every month but there is no way we're taking the tree out :)

If you don't want to do the tree you could just have a Valentine's party instead :)

Your menu looks delicious for the week!

Joy said...

what all do you put on breakfast sandwiches to freeze and how do you cook the eggs to make sure they stay in place? Andy NEEDS me to do this for him for work he leaves the house every morning at
4AM and doesn't ever eat breakfast. This would be great for me to do for him!

Donna said...

Thank U Brandy--- and we'll see if that tree REALLY gets put up! ;-)

I sauteed onions in a little butter, tossed in a little diced turkey ham, and then well beaten eggs. And just scramble them all up. I let them cool some before putting them on the muffins so as to avoid moisture problems.

If you wrap them with too much moisture- they'll be a little soggy when you thaw them. (Use little butter and if your ham/meat has a high fat, you way want to drain the mixture on paper towels to avoid excess moisture.)

You could fry eggs too, just break the yolk to make sure it's cooked through.

Remove plastic and heat for 1 minute to one minute + ten seconds. Or warm in the oven in foil.

Joy said...

thanks so much Donna!
Andy will be so happy to have these! Have you ever done this with biscuits?
I have yet to find a good whole wheat biscuit that my family likes what about you?

Donna said...

In their taste bud's eyes, biscuits can ONLY be white!

No, I've never used homemade biscuits like this, have used canned with sausage before! ;-)