Monday, May 2, 2011

Menu Plan:

 Welcome to another Menu Plan Monday!
It's going to be a busy-busy week! Several appts. and my cupboards tell me it's time for once-a-month-shopping again!
 We had 2 B-day celebrations over the weekend which meant lots of cake, ice cream, and hot dogs!

- French Toast Sticks
- Spaghetti, b-day cake, homemade ice cream
-hot dogs, chili, cake
snacks: carrots and dip, sliced apples, leftover homemade brownies

- kids choice
- hot dogs, chili, cake and homemade ice cream
-snack supper
snacks:buttered popcorn, sliced apples, carrot sticks

-Corn Chowder, Dill and Cheddar Scones, Berry Smoothies
- Frugal Steaks, steamed broccoli spears, peas&carrots, Butterscotch No-bake Cookies
snacks: pickles, cheese&crackers, frozen smoothie pops from leftovers

-Main Dish Mac & Cheese, chick peas, brussel sprouts, sour gummy worms
-Butter Beans w/ polish sausage, cracklin' cornbread, turnip greens, blueberry crisp
snacks: homemade fruity yogurt, fancy vanilla granola, juiced apples

- brown rice w/ butter and cane sugar
-leftover beans, cornbread, greens, mixed fruit crisp
-Monkey Meat on flatbread, with Nourishing Raisin Chutney, canned pineapple
snacks: apple-spice spelt muffins, juiced apples, buttered popcorn

- kids choice
- Cheesy Tuna Noodles, lima beans, homemade fudge-sicles
- Easy Maple-Dijon Chicken, creamy asparagus, seasoned rice, frozen juice pops
snacks: leftover muffins, blueberry slushes, carrots and cottage cheese dip

- Wheat-n-buckwheat Pancakes
-Turkey Goo-lash, slaw, leftover lima beans,Tutti Fruity Compote
-Pizza Calzones, fruit salad
snacks: Lowfat Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread, juiced apples and carrots, chips and salsa


Joy said...

Happy B-day to your two! I hope they both had wonderful days!
Their cakes were beautiful!
Your menu looks great! Its shopping time for me too, my pantry is very low I am out of lots of things so I can tell this is going to be a big trip for groceries this month for me. I have let certain items slip now I am completly out of lots of things!

Donna said...

Thank U Miss Joy!

We send Happy Bdays this week to your little guy too!

I hope prices are good for us both this week! Will be keeping my eyes peeled!