Monday, July 28, 2008


MONDAY: Soaked Oatmeal

Butter Beans with Turkey Sausage, fresh green beans, sauteed Zukes

Steak, potatoes, carrots, bread

TUESDAY: Soaked Grits

Beef Liver and Ground Beef BBQ Meatballs, cabbage, Cuke Salad , Apple Muffins

Oven Crispy Chicken, pinto beans, corn on the cob

WEDNESDAY: Oatmeal-Wheat Pancakes

Chicken Casserole, crowder peas

Quick Fish Dinner

THURSDAY: Soaked Millet

Tortilla Roll-ups, celery and carrot sticks, fruit crisp (Berry or Apple)

Beefy Spaghetti, bread sticks or rolls

FRIDAY: Banana Bread, milk

Split Pea Soup with Onion Flat-bread

Brown Rice and Turkey Sausage Cass., green beans, fried okra and green tomatoes

*Snacks will be: popcorn, apples, grapes, fresh-pumpkin pie, pretzels, graham crackers, muffins, smoothies, (homemade) brown rice cakes, homemade baked goods (I've got a list of 'wanna-tries')

For more menu plans, visit: OrgJunkie!


Niki said...

sounds lovely. I love our soaked breakfast cereals. So frugal and healthy. Enjoy your week.

Bethany said...

Thanks for the idea about making cider from my apples the other day! I appreciated the tip!


Linda said...

Great Menu. I love reading your site. I really like the old-fashioned pictures. Happy Menu Monday.

Donna said...

Niki, I'm just learning, but it sure is fun!

Bethany, thanks for stopping by and letting me know! Love all that canning that you do!

Linda, thank you so much, what a blessing to hear!

Have a great week ladies!