Monday, February 14, 2011

Menu Plan...


If you remember, I told you last week that we were going to have a 'mock' Christmas over the weekend...we did! We had turkey, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, dressing, Bday cake 4 Jesus, pumpkin pies, Brandy's Fudge, and chocolates. We even put up the tree and had frugal presents for the kiddies!

Sunday night we had: Lil' Roasted Chickens w/ veggies, salad, sliced oranges

BREAKFASTS: oatmeal, peanut butter granola, Breakfast Sandwiches, toasted Breakfast Bread and eggs

-Taco Soup, Buttermilk Cornbread, Apple Crisp
- Oven-fried Chicken Thighs, potato wedges, salad, tomato salad, Sweetheart Cake ?
snacks: Valentine Cookies, Homemade Ice Cream

- Beef Stew, Rustic Spelt Rolls, jelly, sliced oranges, leftover cookies
- Lemon-Pepper Salmon, lima beans, salad, leftover cake
snacks: carrots and Cottage Cheese Veggie Dip

- White Beans w/ ham hocks, cornbread, garden corn, turnip greens, sliced oranges
- BBQ Chicken Legs, Baked Beans, salad, Chocolate Pudding
snacks: grapes, boiled eggs and mustard

- Haystacks, Rustic Spelt Rolls, Chocolate-carob Custard
- Meatloaf, layered salad, peas and carrots, Applesauce Pudding
snacks:Cinnamon Rolls and milk, romaine leaves with cream cheese

-Chicken Turnip Soup,(from bone broth), Whole wheat Chocolate Chip Bars
-Pizza, on my favorite homemade crust, fruit salad, Honey Bun Cake
snacks: stuffed celery sticks, Kiwi-strawberry Parfait


Joy said...

Wow sounds like you all had so much fun! Did you kids just love it? Oh my would have been besides theirselves with excitement! Your menu looks great!
The Valentine cake is beautiful!! You are going to have to post the picture recipe at the bottom of your menu I am guessing its kiwi parfait? You are so talented in the kitchen!!! Hope you all are well!

Donna said...

Oh they did Joy!

But I'll let you guess which ones said;
-will there be presents?
-Forget presents- we get off our homework!

The pic at the bottom is simple- just vanilla granola, strawberry yogurt, and sliced kiwi, layered.

I fix them about 30 mins before they eat them so the granola gets soft.