Sunday, August 30, 2009

Menu Plan......

Greetings! Its Menu Plan Monday and I couldn't be more excited this week! I found a new cookbook-well, an old cookbook- at a second-hand store and I can't wait to try out some of the new recipes! (Which means my menu may be subject to change!;)

-vanilla millet
-homemade pizza, Carrot-fruit salad
-Steak-n-peppers-n-mushrooms in homemade pita bread, carrots and dip
Snacks-Laura's breakfast cookies, homemade Cheese Crackers, yogurt mixed with fruit

-pita stuffed with eggs and bacon, grapes
-Hamburger Soup, cornbread
-Lil Roasted Chickens, with potatoes and carrots, green peas
Snacks- leftover breakfast cookies and cheese crackers, apples, Honey Milk Balls

-soaked oatmeal, Cinnamon Scones with Homemade Apple Jelly
-Breakfast Burritos, Saucy Potato Wedges
-Creamy Chicken Spaghetti, sweet potatoes, green beans
Snacks- Raisin Bread, apples

-kids choice
-Salad, potato salad, salmon patties
- Monkey Meat on flatbread
Snacks-Watermelon Smash, leftover Raisin Bread

-Bug Oats (with whole oat groats)
- Acorn Squash, beans, corn, greens
-Salmon Alfredo, steamed broccoli
Snacks- Maple-Walnut Muffins, popcorn, raisins

- Buckwheat Crepes
- Indian Tacos
- Roast and Vegetables
Snacks-Strawberry Shortcakes, carrots and dips

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