Sunday, January 17, 2010

Menu Plan Monday...


-soaked (chocolate) oatmeal (with coconut, chopped pecans, 1 t mini choc chips and honey)


-steak with butter, baked potato

Snacks:popcorn, apples


-kids choice

-natural sausage, biscuits, gravy, blueberry-banana coconut milk smoothie

-snack it

Snacks:sliced apples and oranges


-soaked millet

- Soft Tacos, Spanish rice, black beans

Snacks: Fish Eggs, apples, orange slices


-fried polenta with butter and honey

-Baked Cod, potato wedges, brussel sprouts in butter

Snacks: Lemon Oatmeal Bread, carrot and celery sticks with cottage cheese dip


-Haystacks, orange slices, dried apricots

- Calf Liver, Biscuits, gravy, cherry-berry coconut smoothie


- waffles with blueberry sauce

- Salmon I'm-afraid-so, Green peas

- Veal and Buffalo Stuffed Peppers, steamed brocolli, potatoes

Snacks: Orange Bread, apple juice from juicer, popcorn


-kids choice

-Ground Chicken Loaf, green beans, cabbage, mapled carrots

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Lisa said...

Would you share how you make the oatmeal on Sat menu? It sounds so good and I'm sure the kids would love it:)

Your menu sounds yummy!

Donna said...

I just soaked the oatmeal in the correct amount of water (1/2 cup oats to 1 cup water) along with 1/3 cup of whey overnight.

Once heated the next morning, I added chipped coconut, butter, and sweetener.

The next day, I reheated, added chopped pecans to their bowls, topped with a swirl of honey, and about small scoop of mini chocolate chips. When they stirred it up, the chips turned the oatmeal chocolate! So- they called it chocolate oatmeal! ;-)

One soak got me TWO breakfasts!!
I try to cover up the 'sour' when I soak it with a dairy product. My kids say that buttermilk belongs in biscuits and cornbread, not in their oatmeal. ;-)