Monday, October 18, 2010


Welcome to Menu Plan Monday!
This week I did something I almost never do, that is, I bought 4 loaves of white sandwich bread. I'm almost out of wheat and  they were on clearance for about .50 cents at Aldi. No one is complaining around here ('cept me, lol)...and dh told me that is was good for me to be 'normal' from time to time.  ;-) I also bought 2 pumpkins there for $1.99 each. I will be cooking one and letting the kids carve a smiley face in the other. (I'm begging them for the other, and they're begging me for both- its a real power struggle! hee hee) Pumpkin pie, here I come!

Breakfast foods: oatmeal, brown rice, eggs and applesauce

-turkey-beef burritos, homemade applesauce
-Oven-fried chicken thighs, green salad, lima beans, Snowflake Cookies
snacks: yogurt, boiled eggs, grapes
-sandwich, veggie soup, cookies
-Salmon patties, spaghetti squash with butter, green salad, raisins
snacks: homemade chili-cheese popcorn (butter, parmesan, chili powder), grapes
-grilled cheese, veggie soup, cranberry slushies
-Tarragon Turkey Loaf with mushroom sauce, buttered potatoes, green salad
snacks: Cracker Candy with peanuts, Cornmeal Cheese Crackers, grapes
-Baked Salmon Loaf, green salad
-Turkey, dressing, sweet potato casserole, green beans, buttermilk pie
snacks: pretzels, homemade pickles, pumpkin pie
- leftover turkey with gravy, speckled butter beans, green salad
-beans, turnip greens, cornbread, Coconut Cream Pie
snacks: fried bananas, Real pumpkin-pecan Cakes
- French Onion Soup, French Bread, Chocolate-carob Custard
- Easy Dump Chicken, mapled carrots, green salad
snacks: Maple-pecan muffin-cakes, Banana Split Yogurt Smoothies
-Pizza Bites (from leftover french bread), salad, peach crisp
-Buffalo (or beef) Stuffed Peppers, salad, sweet potatoes
snacks: Stuffed Celery, Chocolate Covered Creme Filled Donuts

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