Monday, July 11, 2011

Menu Plan Monday:

My frugal tip for the week: Make your own birthday cakes and ice cream!

-Breakfast wraps
-Beef Stew, b-day cake, homemade Vanilla Bean-Cherry Cream (sorta like this)
-Leftover stew, crackers, cake
snacks: Seeded Crackers, graham crackers and milk

-Scottish Oats
-Tacos, leftover cake
-Roast, potatoes, carrots, and sauteed zucchini, popsicles from leftover ice cream
snack: cinnamon toast, Butterscotch Pudding

- eggs and toasted Breakfast Bread w/ butter and jelly
-Chili Pizza (from leftover taco meat and potatoes from roast), canned pineapples w/ coconut
-tuna salad on .39 Aldi buns (Made like this), salsa and chips, plums
snacks: cinnamon toast, sour gummy worms

- scrambled eggs and smoothies
-Frittata, green salad, boiled and buttered potatoes, canned pineapple
- Taco Casserole, chili beans, spinach salad, chocolate pudding
snacks: Rugelach w/ spelt, leftover frozen pudding pops

-Soaked Oat Groats
-Main Dish Macaroni and Cheese, green salad, sauteed zucchini, frozen pudding pops
-Beans, cornbread, turnip greens, Pumpkin Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
snacks: carrot sticks with dip, buttered popcorn

- Smoothies and boiled eggs w/ mustard
- Cheese and Onion Strata (from breakfast bread), spinach, cookies
-Monkey Meat on flatbread, Blackberry Cobbler 
snacks: Lemon Cranberry Spelt Muffinsnatural candy

-Laura's Breakfast Cake
-leftover beans, cornbread, homemade Tootsie Rolls
-Enchilada Bake, spinach salad, brown rice pudding
snacks: roasted garlic almonds, leftover muffins

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From Cristin To Mommy said...

your menu looks great! i love how u have all 3 meals planned and utilize leftovers in new meals
i know im late commenting but i would love if you visited my blog and checked out my Menu Plan
Have a great weekend!
From Cristin To Mommy