Monday, August 8, 2011

Menu Plan:

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday!

Frugal tip of the week: Make breakfast-pancakes, waffles, etc- over the weekend and freeze for quick breakfast food through the week on those busy days!

-soaked oatmeal
-Hamburger Casserole from leftovers, fruit and nut salad
-Hamburgers, homemade pickles
snacks:bananas and peanut butter, cinnamon pudding

-homemade pancakes (spelt and oatmeal, like these)
-soft tacos, fried bananas
- Brisket, potatoes, carrots and gravy (above), gummy worms
snacks:cinnamon pudding pops (from leftovers), slushies

-pancakes from the freezer
-leftover brisket, Rustic (refrigerator) Spelt Rolls, homemade beet jelly
- Beef-n-Cabbage Bake, fried okra, Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls, homemade grape jelly
snacks:boiled eggs and mustard, leftover rolls and jelly

-homemade waffles from the freezer
-Taco Casserole, black beans (freezer), salad, natural candy
-Pinto Beans, mixed greens from the garden (chard, radish, beet), cornbread
snacks: Brown Sugar Cookies, homemade pickles

-omelet muffins
- chili from leftover beans, crackers, fruit and carrot salad
-Homemade Beefaroni, Birthday Cake and homemade ice cream
snacks: Chocolate-Covered-Cherry Muffins, celery sticks w/ homemade cream cheese stuffing

-scrambled eggs, frozen fruit smoothies
-Ground Beef Fajitas, leftover smoothie pops
-Country Baked Beef Pie, lima beans, sliced cukes
snacks:cinnamon toast,leftover bday cake

-peanut butter granola and milk
-Beef and Liver meatballs, brown rice, cole slaw
-Tamale Pie, chili beans, sweet potato fries with a kick
snacks:Lemon-cranberry Muffins, Muddy Buddies


Joy said...

BEEF its whats for dinner!!! :)
Menu looks great love you have beef so much I am sure you are so happy with your new meat!.

Donna said...

Its wonderful! And I can't believe how much better it is- everything!

And no stinky smell.... I found another pack of regular meat from the store...the kids said, without knowing, "..ew, what's that smell?"