Monday, August 29, 2011

Menu Plan:

 Welcome to Menu Plan Monday!

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-scrambled eggs and berries
-beans, cornbread, leftover cake
-steakburgers (beef mixed with steak sauce and topped w/onions sauteed with the patties), ice cream
snacks:chips and salsa, dried cranberries

-kids choice
-chili from leftover beans, crackers
-meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, sliced cukes
snacks:Artisan Bread and jam, Patillas de Leche

-Peanut Butter (spelt) Pancakes w/homemade grape syrup
-Ground Beef Hash, romaine salad, fried okra
-Hearty Beef Stew, Artisan Bread, jelly
snacks: Cappuccino Gelatin Ring, celery sticks

-Peanut Butter Granola and milk
-Hamburger Soup, Artisan Bread, jam
-Veggie Beef Patties w/ Swiss Cheese, slaw, potato salad
snacks:Honey Milk Balls, carrot sticks

-scrambled eggs
-Soft Tacos, Cranberry Crisp
-Monkey Meat on (spelt) Flatbreads, leftover slaw
snacks: Blueberry Cobbler, cracker candy

-Peanut Butter Pancakes
-Spaghetti, Artisan Bread, Dandelion Syrup
-Roast potatoes carrots, Artisan Bread, Spiced Cranberry Syrup
snacks: Carob Candy, canned pineapple

-Smores Oatmeal
-Hamburger Pizza on my fave crust (spelt), spiced apples in the crocky
-Poor Man's Steak, greens from the garden, buttered potatoes
snacks: Blueberry Cottage Pudding, leftover apples


Cooking with Cristin said...

what a great menu! looks like you have some nice lunches planned
Giada<3 is hanging out with her daddy:) i am going to watch foodnetwork, browse through Rachael Ray magazines and some blogs and plan next weeks FAVORITE thing to do on the weekends!!

Cooking with Cristin said...

sorry..meant to paste this..
here is a link to my Menu Plan
enjoy the holiday weekend:)