Monday, November 8, 2010

Menu Plan for This Week...

Well, I've got most of my monthly shopping complete, I have beef fat to render in the fridge, I have about 4 bushels of apples in my kitchen - now to MENU PLAN (MONDAY).

BREAKFASTS: Oatmeal, eggs and toast

-Onion Soup, bread, baked apples
-Hamburgers, Apple Pie Smoothies
snacks: Apple-Walnut Bread, sliced apples- tons- I mean bushels of them! ;-), Cracker Candy

-snack lunch: tuna salad, leftover Apple-Walnut Bread
-Marinated Pork Loin, lima beans, dressing, Homemade Chocolate Pudding
snacks: grapes,leftover Cracker Candy, apple-carrot juice from the juicer and popcorn

-Hamburger Soup with 4 Loaves of White Bread, fried apples
-Easy Maple-Dijon Chicken, green salad, toasted cheese bread, green beans, Citrus Zest Cookies
snacks: Sprinkled Donuts, apples

-Black Bean Buffalo Chili, Mexi Cornbread, French Coconut Pie2
-Chicken Meatloaf, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, Sour Gummy Worms
snacks:gourmet popcorn, apples with peanut butter

-Cheese and Onion Strata with leftover white bread, green salad, Tutti-Fruity Compote
-Leeks and Chicken,spinach salad, buttered corn, Lowfat Pumpkin Bread
snacks:Strawberry Frothy, 10 grain choc. chip muffins

-Cauliflower Quiche, green salad, black bean salsa (using extra beans cooked on Tuesday), fried bananas
-Breaded Tilapia, buttered squash, turnip greens, Blueberry Crisp
snacks:Whole Food Fondue- Dr. Axe style with sliced apples, graham crackers and milk

-Frugal (shrimp) Stir Fry with brown rice, Fruit Cobbler
-Frugal Beef Bake, brocolli, maple glazed carrots, Glazed Pumpkin Cookies
snacks:Liver Pate with veggies and crackers, fresh limeade, nutty maple granola


Collins family said...

Do you always make dessert at lunch and dinner? If so, why- what is your reasoning?

thank you!

Donna said...

Hello Collins family!
Glad you asked!

There are some reasons, yes.

-They are quite spoiled to a little sweet after their meals. I started it. Shame on me! But I do try to use better sweeteners these days and keep it low sugar more times than not.

-Honestly, our lives are quite humble and bland these days. This adds a little fun and excitement to the otherwise 'same ole same ole'. A little sweet also encourages my pokey eaters to giddy up!

-If you'll notice, I try to get in another healthy food in my desserts...most of the time, but certainly not all. I will use fresh fruit on hand, such as apples right now...or fruit from the freezer, such as berries. Its also a good place to get in a serving of whole grains even if I don't get in another fruit (or veggies in some cases as in pumpkin!).

But things don't always go quite like I plan. Today at lunch I had planned on frying apples but my time ran later than the hungry bellies wanted so they got homemade jelly on a second slice of homemade bread.